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Camping Lac Murighiol                         

Camping "Lac Murighiol" lies in the village Murighiol at a distance of 36 kilometers from the districts capital Tulcea at the right bank of the Sf. Gheorghe branch of the Danube.

For years Murighiol is known as the ideal place to visit the Danube Deltat.

The camping offers the visitors::

  • trips in the Danube Delta
  • Playground for children
  • Internet
  • Washing machines
  • TV
  • Modern sanitary building
  • Hot and cold water
  • Electricity connections
  • 20 places for camper or caravan


  • Directe access to the main road
  • Supermarkt atc50 meters
  • visits to turistical and archeological places

0040-744175581 & 0040-744501297 & 0040-788412106. 


e-mail: contact@campinglacmurighiol.ro

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