Danube Delta                              

Europe’s unique natural reservation

The Danube, springs from Germany and it gathers all the tributary streams from 10 countries and crosses 4 capital cities. After covering 2860 km and before following into the Black Sea, it forms a delta. Related to the surface of Romania, the Danube Delta is situated in the Southeastern part of the country, it has the shape of the Greek letter "delta" and it is bordered in the Southwestern part by Dobrogea Plateau, in the Northern part by the Ukrainian border and in the Eastern part by the Black Sea.

Its surface, together with the complex of lagoons Razim-Sinoe measures 5050 km2; from which 732 km2 belong to Ukraine. Delta alone has a surface of 2540 km2 and this surface increases every year with 40 m because of the 67 million tones of alluvial deposits brought by the river.