Murighiol a village about 40 kilometers southeast of Tulcea, at the big curve of the Sfântu Gheorghe branch of the Danube.

A healthcentrum with local interest, it is also called Morughiol meaning "the violet lake" due to the coloar of the lake, the mud of it has therapeutical properties.

Nearby are salt swamps and a naturreserve, being a favourate spot for waders to build their nests.

The Sfântu Gheorghe branch can be reached by boat.

In the vicinity are the remainders of a Genoese fortress. Here you also find a camping place.

Accomodation in Murighiol

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Complex Turistic Castalia

Pensiunea Cristiana

Camping Doi Sturioni

Pensiunea Edimar



Camping Lac Murighiol

Pensiunea Nufarul Galben



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